No Man Is an Island

Launching in 2019, No Man Is an Island brings together in collaboration several amazing combinations of unique and exceptional players from the U.K and Japan.

The groups will explore a variety of approaches towards developing new music. Each ensemble exploring  new directions both individually and collectively with the key elements of composition and improvisation. 


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Project groups

  • Point of No Return with Kit Downes, Shunsuke Kimura and Rowland Sutherland.

  • Lotus Code with Ed Jones, Yaz Ahmed, Nikki Yeoh, Yuriko Takagi (photo/film), Hannah Copley (poetry).

  • The Engines Orchestra led by Phil Meadows with Tim Garland and Toku.

  • The Trish Clewes - Takuya Kuroda Project

  • Nostalgia 77 with Monday Michiru-Mariano

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