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en rapport supports the development of collaborative projects in jazz and improvised music between exceptional composers and musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds.

en rapport kicks-off with an extended three year programme No Man Is an Island, devised as a multi-group project involving musicians from and based in the UK and Japan.

Launching in 2018, this project and the setting up of en rapport, is based on many years of experience with founders Keith Michael and Asako Taguchi, playing music, living, and travelling in both countries.

No Man Is an Island seeks to explore the invisible links between different countries - across borders through the language of music.

All the various group projects in No Man Is an Island aim to explore the relationship between composition and improvisation, and to probe the role they play in both traditional and modern musical cultures.

No Man Is an Island

Project groups

  • The Engines Orchestra led by Phil Meadows with Tim Garland and Toku.
  • Point of No Return with Kit Downes, Shunsuke Kimura and Rowland Sutherland.
  • Lotus Code with Ed Jones, Yaz Ahmed, Nikki Yeoh, Yosuke Onuma, Shin Sakaino.
  • The Trish Clewes - Takuya Kuroda Project
  • Nostalgia 77 with Monday Michiru-Mariano


No man is an island launches in two parts from November 2018

Part one

  • The Engines Orchestra with Phil Meadows, Tim Garland and Toku.
  • Point of No Return with Kit Downes, Shunsuke Kimura and Rowland Sutherland.
  • Lotus Code with Ed Jones, Yaz Ahmed, Nikki Yeoh, Yosuke Onuma, Shin Sakaino.

part two

  • Trish Clewes - Takuya Kuroda Group
  • Nostalgia 77 with Monday Michiru Mariano
  • Several other projects currently in development

The long term view of en rapport aims to develop ongoing platforms for collaboration between the British, Japanese, and other countries jazz scenes.


en Rapport in Japan  

Special EVENT in collaboration with Shunsuke Kimura and Mu arts, London.

Kit Downes and Paula Rae-Gibson  in Japan 2018

Point of No Return  (part one)

26 September in Urawa,Saitama.  

Kit Downes and Paula Rae-Gibson with        Shunsuke Kimura- shamisen / fue,                     Etsuro Ono - tsugaru shamisen,                             Park Soona - gayagauem.

Kashiwaya-gakki 5F Forum Hall 7-1-9 Kishi-cho Urawa Saitama. Tel: 048-829-2360



Rapport Falmouth Jazz Workshop

6-10 August 2018                 Falmouth university, Cornwall

En Rapport is very happy to take on and continue the jazz summer school,  previously known as the 'Falmouth Yamaha Jazz Summer School', which has run in August since 2012. Working with the same dedicated and creative team of tutors, some of who are also involved in Rapport projects, this fits well with our aims of actively developing workshop events alongside performance work. With musicians playing and travelling through different places and communities, we want to meet and connect with people, sharing not just through the performance, but with other creative and cultural experiences as well.

So, our first UK workshop event as en rapport is the RAPPORT FALMOUTH JAZZ WORKSHOP. As this has come about through something of a rescue plan involving members of the past summer school this will at the same Falmouth University location, but it will be be a more intimate meeting, we hope with around 30 members and 4 tutors.

Rapport Falmouth Jazz Workshop.

6-10 August                                                                 Falmouth University,                                                        The Academy of Music and Theatre Arts,                   Penryn Campus, Cornwall.

For info see WORKSHOPS or click here




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